Tax Prep with Our Easy Solutions offers a variety of useful features. That’s how we’re able to guarantee the maximum refund when you file your file 2014 taxes online in Kansas with us.

With, you can:

  • Step by Step Deduction Finder
  • Life Events Guide
  • All Major Forms and Schedules
  • Pull Prior Year Information
  • Free Email Support
  • File State Return For Only $17.95*

While the deduction finder helps you avoid being overtaxed, the error checker works to highlight common errors and eliminates them so they don’t interrupt the processing of your return. Still want more? Our US-based support team is on-hand to help, and we guarantee* the largest refund to which you’re entitled – or we’ll refund your purchase price.

Tax Returns Prepared Right, The First Time and Every Time

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Power Past Tax Stress is the proud sponsor of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the official partner of JR Motorsports. We make a good team because our easy-to-use tax software excels to keep your refund on track. So start preparing your taxes today!

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