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Nearly 100 million American taxpayers used IRS e-file last year, which means it’s not just the most convenient way – it’s now the norm. With TaxSlayer.com, you can prepare and submit your tax return anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly system offers popular features including the error checker, which scans your return for potential mistakes that can delay processing. There’s also the innovative deduction finder, designed to ensure you can benefit from credits that you’re entitled to.

The Unique TaxSlayer.com Touch

  • User-friendly
  • Guarantee the largest possible refund*
  • Price as low as $17 for Federal tax returns!

You can find tax preparation software anywhere, but TaxSlayer.com has been built on decades of professional experience. We’ve refined our software to cater to the individual needs of individual taxpayers. That’s how we’ve been able to introduce powerful tools like the Life Events Guide. It accounts for your major happenings – births, marriages, new homes – and highlights the forms you need to maximize your tax refund.

We're Cheering for You

The team at TaxSlayer is serious about sports. That’s why we take such pride in our support of collegiate football as the Title sponsor of the 72nd TaxSlayer Bowl.

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