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TaxSlayer.com offers a variety of useful features. The new Life Events Guide determines which forms you need according to the events of the last year – marriages, births, home purchases and more.

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That’s why you can depend on us for handy tools like the error checker, which helps get rid of common mistakes that can hold up processing. The newly introduced Life Events Guide can track your major life events like births, marriages and major purchases – and draw your attention to the forms you’ll need for a stress-free tax season. And should you need help, our US-based support specialists are on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

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We’re huge football fans here at TaxSlayer. So it's no surprise that we're the proud Title sponsor of the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl — and no surprise that we're always ready to bring our A-game to your tax return.

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TaxSlayer.com takes pride in being the official partner of JR Motorsports and sponsor of motorsport star Dale Earnhardt Jr. It's a fitting partnership, since we like things done fast — especially when it comes to tax returns. You deserve a good refund, so start your return now with TaxSlayer.com.

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