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Put an End to Tax Return Headaches

Filing Taxes Online with TaxSlayer.com becomes simple and fast with our acclaimed Life Events Guide. This tool will ask you a series of short questions about life events that may have taken place during the year. That’s why the new Life Events Guide tracks your main events of the last 12 months. TaxSlayer.com will then show you all the deductions that you may not be currently aware of and ensure that you receive the highest refunds on your return.

The TaxSlayer.com Difference

  • User-friendly
  • Guarantee the largest possible refund*
  • Price as low as $17 for Federal tax returns!

Another tool that takes the stress out of filing taxes online is our state-of-the-art error checker. It is designed to spot any mistakes or blunders and notify you, so you can fix them before you proceed with submitting. For additional support on filing taxes online you can talk to our dependable technical support professionals in the USA. Your questions can be answered by email or through our extensive knowledge base.

An All-American Company Supporting An All-American Sport

You can count on TaxSlayer’s unrivaled tax expertise, and you can also count on our passion for US collegiate football. That's why it should be no surprise that we’re the Title Sponsor of the 72nd TaxSlayer Bowl.

Taxslayer Bowl Jacksonville