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The exciting new Life Events Guide is a superb support tool that makes free federal e-filing with TaxSlayer.com very convenient. This tool will ask you a series of short questions about life events that may have taken place during the year. You’ll see questions such as: did you get married, have you purchased a home, or did you have a child. Using this information, TaxSlayer.com can inform you about qualified deductions and help you enjoy a larger refund.

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Our cutting edge error checker is another useful resource that helps you complete free federal e-filing smoothly. It is designed to spot any mistakes or blunders and notify you, so you can fix them before you proceed with submitting. For additional support on free federal e-filing you can talk to our dependable technical support professionals in the USA. You'll receive your replies by email or through free access to our wide knowledge centre.

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Rely on TaxSlayer.com to provide the tax preparation software solution you want, and also to support the things that matter. We’re the Title sponsor of the 72nd TaxSlayer Bowl.

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