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Wondering how *free federal tax filing in Michigan with TaxSlayer.com can guarantee* the largest possible refund on your tax return? The powerful tools associated with our newest software can reveal deductions and credits you’re entitled to.

TaxSlayer Classic – $12.99 (Federal)
TaxSlayer Classic is the fastest, easiest way to prepare your taxes!

  • Step by Step Deduction Finder
  • Life Events Guide
  • All Major Forms and Schedules
  • Pull Prior Year Information
  • Free Email Support
  • File State Return For Only $12.99*

We’re proud to present the new Life Events Guide. It asks short questions to determine which forms are relevant and which savings you can claim. Simply enter the relevant data – relating to subjects like marital status and home ownership – and we’ll do the rest.

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The expert team of tax professionals at TaxSlayer is serious about taxes and just as serious about sport. In fact, TaxSlayer is the title sponsor of the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl, a strong testimony to our support for College Sports.

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Cruise Past Tax Stress

TaxSlayer.com is proud to be the official partner of JR Motorsports and sponsor of racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. We make the best team around because our professional software has helped millions of tax paying Americans get their returns fast. Don’t let the tax deadline put you on the spot – start your return today with TaxSlayer.com!

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