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Ever wonder how free federal tax filing in Michigan using TaxSlayer.com can guarantee* the largest possible refund on your tax return? It’s because the powerful features within our software reveals deductions and credits you’re entitled to but may not be aware of.

TaxSlayer Classic – $17 (Federal) – is the fastest, easiest way to prepare your taxes!

  • Step by Step Deduction Finder
  • Life Events Guide
  • All Major Forms and Schedules
  • Pull Prior Year Information
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If you're looking for ways to optimize your deductions and credits, our new Life Events Guide can help you achieve that in a systematic way. It asks short questions to determine which forms are relevant and which savings you can claim. The questions are based on relevant topics like your marital status, family status, home ownership and more. With Life Events Guide and a whole range of other innovative tools – including error checker and deduction finder – TaxSlayer.com makes taxes easier than ever.

Getting Your Return Right The First Time

The team of tax professionals at TaxSlayer is not just serious about tax; they’re also passionate about sport. In fact, TaxSlayer is the title sponsor of the 72nd TaxSlayer Bowl, a strong testimony to our support for College Sports.

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