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When you use TaxSlayer.com for your Free Online Tax Filing, you’ll learn first-hand about our feature-rich tax filing solution, with tools such as the Life Events Guide. It allows for you to easily track the year’s main events, such as weddings, births, major purchases and more. When you record these events on the guide, it will highlight possible deductions you can take to increase your refund. So when you think “*free online tax filing”, think TaxSlayer.com.

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Oversights or blunders on your tax return can cost you time and money, which is why we have a team of US-based TaxSlayer.com support specialists on-hand to help. Whenever need be, get in contact with us and we’ll get a response back to you. You can also take further peace-of-mind from the error checker.

A Proud American Company for Proud American People

At TaxSlayer, we’re just as serious about football as we are about providing high quality tax services. In fact, TaxSlayer is the title sponsor of the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl, a strong testimony to our support for college sports.

Taxslayer Bowl Jacksonville

Fast Tax Returns

You know you can speed through your tax returns with TaxSlayer.com because we’re not only the official partner of JR Motorsports, we’re also a proud sponsor of driving legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Taxes with us are simple and FAST! Experience it first hand; start today!

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