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Have you been wondering how *free online tax filing in New Mexico with TaxSlayer.com can guarantee* you the largest possible refund on your tax return? It’s because deductions and credits you’re entitled to may be revealed using the powerful tools embedded in our software.

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We’re pleased to introduce our newest feature: the Life Events Guide. It asks a few short questions to determine which forms are relevant and which savings you can claim on your tax return. Simply enter the relevant data – relating to subjects like marital status and home ownership – and we’ll do the rest. At TaxSlayer.com, our useful online tools like Life Events Guide, error checker and deduction finder are featured in our tax software and simplify the way you do your taxes.

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TaxSlayer.com is the official partner of JR Motorsports, and we can handle your tax return FAST. It's a suitable partnership, especially since we're all about speed when it comes to racing past tax season. So start preparing your taxes today!

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