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A big part of what makes income tax filing with TaxSlayer.com so easy is our exclusive Life Events Guide. This tool will ask you a series of short questions about life events that may have taken place during the year. You’ll see questions such as: did you get married, have you purchased a home, or did you have a child. TaxSlayer.com will then show you all the deductions that you may not be currently aware of and ensure that you receive the highest refunds on your return.

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Also thanks to our advanced error checker, income tax filing can be done with confidence and is easier than ever. Before you submit your return, the error checker will do a thorough run-through for any mistakes, problem areas or incomplete data. Over and above this, your entire income tax filing process can be connected with our trusted technical support team based in the USA anytime.

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Do you enjoy football, one of America’s favorite pastimes? TaxSlayer definitely does. As such, we’re proud to be the Title sponsor of the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl.

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It's no surprise that TaxSlayer.com is officially partnered with JR Motorsports. After all , we are renowned for our drive and pace to manage your tax return faster than anyone else. Even our simplified, easy-to-use forms are designed for speed. Begin filing today!

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