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You can remain confident knowing that you can meet the tax filing deadline 2014 in Arizona with TaxSlayer.com. Our simple, intuitive system has been developed with you in mind, and is specifically designed to help you put together your tax return simply and efficiently.

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That’s how we are able to offer a multitude of practical features. Looking for more? The questions are based on relevant topics like your marital status, family status, home ownership and more.

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At TaxSlayer, we are delighted to provide Americans high quality tax services and we’re equally delighted to support college football. As proof of our long-standing dedication to US collegiate football, we’re a proud Title sponsor of the 2016 TaxSlayer Bowl.

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We’re JR Motorsports’ official partner, and we are here to help you receive the most for your tax return while leaving tax problems in the dust. Working together, we make a good team because our easy-to-use tax software will help keep your refund on the right track. Don’t let tax deadlines pass you – start your tax return with TaxSlayer.com NOW.

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