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Tax Preparation Software as Unique as You Are

TaxSlayer.com offers so many ways to prepare your tax return that you can relax knowing you can still meet the tax filing deadline in Pennsylvania. Our simple, intuitive system has been developed with you in mind, and is specifically designed to help you put together your tax return simply and efficiently.

TaxSlayer Classic – $17 (Federal) – is the fastest, easiest way to prepare your taxes!

  • Step by Step Deduction Finder
  • Life Events Guide
  • All Major Forms and Schedules
  • Pull Prior Year Information
  • Free Email Support

When you use the deduction finder, it helps you avoid being overtaxed, while the error checker finds and eliminates mistakes that can increase the amount of time you wait for your return. The new Life Events Guide keeps tabs on your major happenings – births, marriages, major purchases – and highlights the forms you’ll need for a worry-free tax season. As usual, our US-based support specialists are on hand and equipped to provide the assistance you need.

The Refund You Deserve

At TaxSlayer, we are delighted to provide Americans high quality tax services and we’re equally delighted to support college football. That’s why we’re proud Title sponsors of the 72nd TaxSlayer Bowl.

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